1. Build a Community

- You can earn in-game currency by inviting friends to the Discord

- We will airdrop the Pixa Gold to you or it will be claimable through a contract

II. Minting the Characters

- There will be a mint of 10,000 unique characters

- These will vary in rarity

III. Airdrop Items

- An airdrop will give every holder a variety of in game items; melee weapons, ranged weapons, armors, helmets, leggings, boots, and special items.

IV. Make Questing

- Questing will reward players for holding their characters for a long period of time, special in-game items will be rewarded to every player that has them

V. Develop The Game

- We put the money from the sale into action and start developing the game...

- The goal is to get the game live in beta to all character owners

- After the game is live we will debug it

- Then we will open the game up to more users