Welcome to PixaWorld

We have 150+ members in the discord


PixaWorld OG Collection (100/100 minted)

The story

All these pixelated people have found their way through the world. the problem is it's just not pixeled enough. So now they are all seeking the lost land of pixaworld.

Journey continues...



1. Build a Community

- You can earn in-game currency by inviting friends to the Discord

- We will airdrop the Pixa Gold to you or it will be claimable through a contract

II. Minting the Characters

- There will be a mint of 10,000 unique characters

- These will vary in rarity

III. Airdrop Items

- An airdrop will give every holder a variety of in game items; melee weapons, ranged weapons, armors, helmets, leggings, boots, and special items.

IV. Make Questing

- Questing will reward players for holding their characters for a long period of time, special in-game items will be rewarded to every player that has them

V. Develop The Game

- We put the money from the sale into action and start developing the game...

- The goal is to get the game live in beta to all character owners

- After the game is live we will debug it

- Then we will open the game up to more users


This is the person running the Discord server. Showing people the way into Pixa World

"Follow me..."


I'm the driving force behind this project. I'm pretty motivated to make this a success.

"This was once nothing..."


This ninja is a master marketer. He knows people who know people. And the people he knows he trusts

"I've brought people over a following of 100,000 before..."


I've been doing graphics for many years, count on me to make it pleasing to the eye.

"I'm kinda from Brazil ya'll..."

@m chan

Trusted programmer, makes every so called programmer look super bad!

"Master of none..."


This guy is the advisors we have. He is making a pretty big project.

"From the future..."


He's the pixel artist. Basically the art behind the project.

"I do art!"


The second programmer in command. I do the busy work!

"Master of none... Literally!"


This guy...

"Helping the community"


This first set of NFT's gets considerable rewards as the game is being developed and after the game comes out!

- They will get a Big Item Aidrop

- Beta Passes for Pixaworld (the game)

- Character Airdrop

- Airdrop of in-game currency

- Governance of PixaWorld

- Ability to stake for extra rewards

We are going to do everything we can to reward the people who fund this project!